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A l’origine, Rayman 2 - The Great Escape devait être un jeu de plateforme en 2D, semblable au premier Rayman.
1964 v0.9.9
Après un an de développement et 3 mois de tests intensifs, voici la dernière version officielle de l'émulateur 1964.

Liste des améliorations :

Major new 1964 features include:
- A new friendlier user interface makes finding options easy
- Fixes and support for many new games including Turok3, Donkey Kong 64, and Top Gear Overdrive
- New ini configuration settings
ROM Browser caching for fast loading of 1964
- Tweak 1964's speed at the touch of a key
- Frameskip and AutoCF features for slower machines
- A new Help Manual
- Multiple Language support
An improved CPU core with many bug fixes and is much faster
- An Improved 32bit CPU core, linker and faster overall code generation
- Reworked core/audio synchronization and major improvements in audio quality and speed
- Completely reworked Kaillera netplay
- Packaged with N-Rage's input plugin
- CPU Frame buffer read/write notification for video plug-ins

Minor GUI features:
- Download plugin online
- ROM specific plugin selection
- More Toolbar buttons
- Remembers and restores the current selected ROM and its position in the ROM Browser
- Remembers and restores the selected ROM and its position at 1964 exit and start
- Added "Number of players" as a new column in the ROM Browser. "Number of players" can be set in the INI file, but not through option dialog box.
- Check if plug-ins are loaded correctly. If not, then pop up the plugin configuration dialog box to select plug-ins
- When 1964.099 runs the first time:
- Automatically pop up the ROM folder dialog box to select a folder
- Select only the most important columns to display in the ROM list
- Verify plug-ins are loaded correctly
- Disable plugin selection during netplay
- Disable many menus if they are not supposed to be used when a game is not running or a game is running
- Automatically enable/disable the RSP config menu according to whether or not the RSP plugin is loaded
- Call RSP CloseDLL() at a better place for it to save its configuration
- New ROM Browser icons
- RSP plug-in selection

Minor core features:
- Variable speed emulation
- SSE detection and support in CPU core
- FPU register caching if SSE is detected
- NetPlay
- New save state file format
- Ability to load old versions of save states
- Ability to save save states to an old version
- Double check and create necessary folders for game saves
- Screen shots taken at a better time
- Reworked CP1 Unusable exceptions, many games are working better
- Improved CPU timing
- TLB error handling for 2-pass compiler

Netplay features:
- Based on Kaillera network
- Supports audio for netplay
- Realtime gameplay with feasible network connection required
- Automatic retransmission request and lost packet recovery
- Automatic game setting synchronization among players
- Automatic game save synchronization among players
- Support for N64 native game saves
- Support for cheat codes in netplay
- Automatic cheat code synchronization among players
- Notification if a player drops out, and allows for other players to continue the game
- CPU and network usage displayed on status bar
- Enable / disable various settings to avoid changes that may cause netplay games to desync
- Always disable AutoCF for netplay
- CF menus disabled during netplay. CF won't be allowed to be change for any player
- Disabled lag menu during netplay
- Disabled cheat menu during netplay. Cheat codes are not allowed to be modified during game play

Important bugs fixed:
- Activated cheat codes may cause game to not boot or reset
- Fixed dynamic compiler buffer overrun-related errors
- Fixed problems loading PJ64 save states
- Cleaned duplicated INI entries
- Support for Japanese characters in INI file

Note : 
Téléchargé : 12796 fois
(01/04/2004 - 1.41 Mo)

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