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L’utilitaire Toad’s Tool 64 permet d’éditer les niveaux du Jeu Super Mario 64.
glN64 v0.4.1 (Orkin)
Plugin video compatible avec les cartes graphiques utilisant la librairie OpenGL.

Liste des améliorations :

Version 0.4.1 :
- Fixed a problem involving status bars and GeForces
- Fixed a bug that occured when taking a screenshot when hardware framebuffer textures were enabled
- Fixed a bug in the texture cache that could cause slow speed, and eventual freezing
- Fixed a bug that caused refresh rates not to be saved
- Removed some debugging code left in the texture cache that was causing a loss in speed
- Improved microcode detection, there should be fewer unknown microcode errors now
- Added an option for dithered alpha since it's slow on some Radeons, and fine on others
- Added detection and adjustment for the 1964 toolbar

Version 0.4 :
- Shortened the name (I got tired of all the typing )
- Rewrote ~80% of the plugin
- Added hardware framebuffer textures (still experimental)
- Recompiled combine modes are now cached
- Greatly improved non-GeForce combiner
- Slightly improved GeForce combiner
- Combiner compilers are now automatically selected
- Added support for line drawing microcodes (Line3D, L3DEX, and L3DEX2)
- Added support for Diddy Kong Racing/Jet Force Gemini/Mickey's Speedway microcodes
- Added partial support for sprite microcodes (S2DEX and S2DEX2)
- Added support for Perfect Dark microcode
- Changed microcode detection method
- Added internal near-clipping for NoN (non near-clipping) microcodes
- Added smarter depth buffer clearing
- Added support for screenshot saving
- Added selectable texture bit depth
- Moved configuration from an INI file to the registry
- And many other changes as a result of the rewrite...

Auteur : Orkin

Site officiel :

Téléchargé : 8778 fois
(15/09/2005 - 84 Ko)

   Identifiant :


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