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L’utilitaire GoldenEye / Perfect Dark Editor permet d’éditer les niveaux des Jeux Goldeneye 007 et Perfect Dark.
glN64 v0.4.1 (Orkin)
Plugin video compatible avec les cartes graphiques utilisant la librairie OpenGL.

Liste des améliorations :

Version 0.4.1 :
- Fixed a problem involving status bars and GeForces
- Fixed a bug that occured when taking a screenshot when hardware framebuffer textures were enabled
- Fixed a bug in the texture cache that could cause slow speed, and eventual freezing
- Fixed a bug that caused refresh rates not to be saved
- Removed some debugging code left in the texture cache that was causing a loss in speed
- Improved microcode detection, there should be fewer unknown microcode errors now
- Added an option for dithered alpha since it's slow on some Radeons, and fine on others
- Added detection and adjustment for the 1964 toolbar

Version 0.4 :
- Shortened the name (I got tired of all the typing )
- Rewrote ~80% of the plugin
- Added hardware framebuffer textures (still experimental)
- Recompiled combine modes are now cached
- Greatly improved non-GeForce combiner
- Slightly improved GeForce combiner
- Combiner compilers are now automatically selected
- Added support for line drawing microcodes (Line3D, L3DEX, and L3DEX2)
- Added support for Diddy Kong Racing/Jet Force Gemini/Mickey's Speedway microcodes
- Added partial support for sprite microcodes (S2DEX and S2DEX2)
- Added support for Perfect Dark microcode
- Changed microcode detection method
- Added internal near-clipping for NoN (non near-clipping) microcodes
- Added smarter depth buffer clearing
- Added support for screenshot saving
- Added selectable texture bit depth
- Moved configuration from an INI file to the registry
- And many other changes as a result of the rewrite...

Auteur : Orkin

Site officiel :

Téléchargé : 8924 fois
(15/09/2005 - 84 Ko)

   Identifiant :


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