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Le saviez-vous ?

Les plugins RiceVideo et Glide64 permettent de dumper les textures des roms N64 et de charger des Packs de textures en Haute Définition.
Daedalus v0.8 Pre 1 (Aprentice)
Version compilée par Aprentice.
Voici les améliorations :

- Improved Zipped rom support: Now any file over 1MB in size is checked (apparently some roms are archived without extensions).
- Fixed bug in Zipped rom support where various decompression errors were not detected.
- Memory Leak fixed: Zipfiles were not being closed after being scanned.
- Added over 100 combiner modes.
- Fixed controller "Reset" command.
- Fixed PAL screen scaling (aspect ratio should be correct now).
- Fixed texture load bug (some 8 bit textures were mis-aligned and scrambled).
- Fixed bug where textures were not released properly (possibly eating up video memory).
- Fixed texture palette CRC bug that caused some roms to reload textures each frame.
- Converted graphics code from DirectX7 to DirectX8.
- Moved graphics code to separate plugin.
- Added VertexBuffer support to the graphics code, to take advantage of parallelism with the graphics hardware.
- Fixed rom loading bug which caused a crash when roms that were not a multiple of 4 bytes were loaded. (not sure why roms shouldn't be a multiple of 4 bytes anyway)
- Optimised several texture decompression routines.
- Added Lkb's changes (up to Lkb-4.2).
- Lots of code tidying (e.g. use of singleton classes etc).
- Cleaned up debug logfile handling.
- Improved PIF RAM handling.
- Fixed OS HLE bug that would cause a few roms to hang Daedalus when inserting timers.
- Fixed a nasty bug where Daedalus would hang indefinitely if you tried to stop the CPU thread while it was searching for OS HLE patches.
- Fixed (hopefully) the IncTexRectEdge hack recquired by a few roms.
- Restructured source into separate directories.
- Lots more that has been forgotten!

Note : 
Téléchargé : 10126 fois
(06/12/2001 - 157 Ko)

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