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La première apparition de l’écureuil Conker en tant que personnage jouable s’est faite dans Diddy Kong Racing.
Project64k v1.0 Update (Smasherx74)
Project64K est un émulateur développé par Smasherx74 basé sur les sources de Project64 v1.4, et permet de jouer sur internet via les plugins Kaillera et AQZ Netplay Input.

Liste des améliorations :

Version 1.0 Update (17/09/2014) :
- Pas d'informations sur la mise à jour.

Version 1.0 Update (09/03/2014) :
- Project64k on Kaillera cannot properly sync many games, however It can play the main games played just fine : Super Smash Brothers 64 (All versions including Quick Match Rom Hack by Madao), Super Mario 64 Multiplayer Rom Hack/and Star Road Multiplayer Rom Hack, Mario Kart 64 (All Versions).

Version 1.0 Update (18/11/2013) :
- Fixed menu problem with the different languages. I also added extra plugin such as Rice video plugin for texture dumps when using AQZ or P2P.

Version 1.0 Update (04/11/2013) :
- Added new Rom hack information into the RDB.
- Excellent connection as default
- Removed broken/unreliably servers

Vesion 1.0 Update (27/08/2013) :
- Last update, "I recently fixed the RSP problem some people where having which should fix the auto-lag out when the game starts. I went back to the old version's online name to play with others of the same emulator on Emulinker servers, I also updated the kaillera list with a more wide spread server list. The kailleraclient has resizable border has been changed so there will no longer be GUI problems with the buttons and text of the client. "

Version 1.0 Stable (04/13/2013) :
- Now the emulator is separate from other Project 64k 0.13 versions this should stop (Some) of the lag and or desyncs. I suggest using MUPEN64K if you want to play anything besides Super Smash Brothers and Mario Kart 64. I've also re-added the CTRL-C shortcut, as well as fixing the full screen issue, after having open and closed your cheats. Everyone use this emulator, if people are on 0.13 you will not be able to play with them.

Version 1.0 :
- Star Road and SM64 Multiplayer rom info added to rdb
- Removed anti-3d dead server list

Version 0.41 :
- I updated the RDB and RDX files for the SM64 Multiplayer rom hack. Both CRC number versions of the rom are fixed as well.

Version 0.40 :
- Fixed Server list
- Deleted Darkman's input

Version 0.39 :
- List of working Kaillera Servers all around the world
- Replaced plugins with Pj64 1.4 build plugins
- Max Cheats set so there isn't Lag in cheats.
- Kailleraclient Maximize removed (No more hidden client glitches)
- Removed Nrage 2.x it has issues with a lot of people, 1.6 works fine.

Site officiel :
- http://pj64k.blogspot.fr/

Note : 
Téléchargé : 3553 fois
(18/09/2014 - 2478 Ko)

   Identifiant :


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