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Le jeu Star Fox 64 était vendu en bundle avec le Rumble Pak.
Glide64 Wonder ++ (Gonetz)
Plugin video développé par Gonetz (basé sur le code source de Dave2001).

Pour rappel, Glide64 est un plugin vidéo N64 pour cartes graphiques de type 3Dfx, mais il peut être utilisé avec la plupart des cartes graphiques grâce aux Glides Wrappers.

Attention, cette version ne permet pas de charger des Packs de textures HD.

Liste des améliorations :

Version Wonder++ :
- Improvements in hardware frame buffer emulation for Banjo Kazooie, Banjo Tooie, Mickey's Speedway USA
- Added support for highlighted objects in Perfect Dark. Added support for coronas in this game (requires software depth buffer rendering). Both features are very important for correct emulation. Now Glide64 emulates PerfectDark nearly perfect, only sky is still missing. Needless to say, that all frame buffer based effects work too (there are many of them in this game).
- Fixed combiners in several games.
- Hacktarux's glide wrapper was improved too, and its modifications can be named revolutionary. First of all, it now supports hardware frame buffer emulation! This feature was previously available for 3dfx users only, and now owners of Direct9X cards can enjoy it too. My thanks to mudlord, who helped us to solve several problems during testing of this feature. Note: OpenGL implementation of texture frame buffer is not as efficient as Glide3x one, and it requires much more video memory. Thus, at least 128mb Direct9x video card is required for hardware frame buffer emulation. Please run mudlord’s gltest.exe, placed in wrapper’s folder, to check compatibility of your video card with the wrapper. Second, Hacktarux fixed several old problems in the wrapper
- Fixed dithered alpha emulation on ATI cards
- Fixed chromakey functions
- Fixed Lens of Truth problem in Zelda MM
- Added some missing combine modes

Auteur : Gonetz

Site officiel :

Téléchargé : 1245 fois
(13/12/2006 - 471 Ko)

   Identifiant :


   Mot de Passe :


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