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Le saviez-vous ?

Il est possible de piloter des Porsche, des Ferrari et des Lotus dans le jeu Automobili Lamborghini.
Rice Video Community Version v0.4.4 (Death-Droid)
Plugin video basé sur les sources des plugins : Rice Video v6.1.4 (Mudlord) et Aristotle's Mudlord & Rice Video v6.1.8 (Aristotle).

Pour rappel, les Plugins Rice Video permettent de dumper les textures des roms N64 et de charger des Packs de textures modifiées.

Voir le Dossier : Changer les Textures.

Liste des améliorations :

Version 0.4.4 :
- Fixed a few more problems to do with texture dumping and texture loading.
- One was related to using D3DX function to save textures as it seemed to be saving textures incorrectly, the other was to do with the config calling some of the highres functions when they shouldnt of been, causing the plugin to crash out.

Version 0.4.1 :
- Fix a problem i introduced with some of my cleaning, fixes tiles drawing improperly.
- Also ported some more Daedulus behaviour, hopefully will work better.

Version 0.4 :
- Rice Video 0.4.0 released, more optimized code with a variety of fixes, also gone and did a rethink on the layout of the settings, should be a bit more easier hopefully. Let me know about any games that have gotten worse since previous version. Stripped out a hack for TWINE that was causing some serious depth fighting issues with windows, let me know if its created any problems by removing this hack.
- Also did some rethinking of highres texture dumping and loading, should be a lot more streamlined with the texture dumping at least.

Version 0.3 :
- New version now available, it contains a few fixes here and there, fixes some weird graphical glitches, should improve general stability.
- Also should render some more things than previous version.

Version 0.2.2 :
- Some changes to the way we handle lights again XD
- Remote my crappy fix for duplicate textures, just fix up the original method using strstr incorrectly.
- Change the way we interpret lights to a bit more of a cleaner system.
- Slight screw up on my part XD
- Playing around with blendmodes for game likes OOT
- Stop texture pack loading from crashing on duplicate texture, also need to add option to dump information for tetxure pack makers when textures fail to load or are duplicated. For now just make it debug version only
- Some misc other changes

Version 0.2.1 :
- I'm an idiot, complete forgot to actually allocate space for our file names and foldername.
- Fix crashing in ridge racer 64 (suanyuan)

Version 0.2 :
- Whoooops forgot to add the simpleini.h file to the build.
- Change it so we storing the cache file in the actual texture pack folder rather than in a new cache folder.
- Ok, fixed loading in of textures via our cache file, stupidly wasn't storing the foldername so it tried to find the textures in the root directory of each texture pack.
- Basic testing of actually caching texture information, dumping works perfectly. Loading on the otherhand...

Auteur : Death-Droid

Site officiel :

(29/12/2014 - 269 ko)

   Identifiant :


   Mot de Passe :


   Mot de Passe oublié !
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