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Le saviez-vous ?

La plupart des emulateurs Nintendo 64 vous permettent de générer des captures d’écran en appuyant sur une touche ("F3" pour Project64 et Mupen64, "F12" pour 1964).
m64p v30/05/21 (avec GlideN64) (Loganmc10)
m64p est un bundle comprenant un émulateur basé sur Mupen64Plus, le plugin GlideN64, et Mupen64Plus-GUI (interface utilisateur).
Depuis la version v06/06/21, GlideN64 et Angrylion Plus ont été remplacés par ParaLLEl-RDP.

Une version plus récente de l'émulateur (utilisant ParaLLEl-RDP) est disponible sur Cette Page.

Liste des dernières améliorations :

May302021 :
- Bug fixes for the following issues : Gonetz/GLideN64 #2491 and Gonetz/GLideN64 #2501.
- Fix issue loading ROMs/settings when the path contains non-Latin characters.

May122021 :
- A number of improvements to GLideN64.
- Smash Remix 0.9.7 performance settings.

April192021 :
- Fix for #122 (Issue with Xinput controller Triggers bindings).
- Fix for #148 (No picture in Extreme G and Extreme G 2).
- Accuracy improvements in GLideN64.

April122021 :
- Some bug fixes for GLideN64.
- Improvements to the speed limiter, should improve netplay performance.

Feb232021 :
- Just a small fix for Dinosaur Planet that was affecting the player's ability to hit enemies.

Feb212021 :
- Contains some improvements for Dinosaur Planet, a recently discovered prototype/beta ROM.

Feb102021 :
- GLideN64 software vertex clipping, mostly an improvement for mobile devices, shouldn't make much of a difference on the desktop
- 64DD save improvements
- Improvement to the way mempaks are formatted (accuracy improvement)
- Some minor setting improvements to some games

Jan42021 :
- Updates to Angrylion (
- A few updates for GLideN64, including pixel coverage emulation support. It's off by default, there is a new option in the video settings.
- Netplay create/join dialogs will now show your ping to your selected server (you used to have to enter a waiting room before being able to see your ping). Credit to @joeldenning for this improvement.

Dec152020 :
- Improvements to 64DD saving.
- Option to specify a custom server address for netplay. This allows you to host your own server ( if desired. Thanks to @joeldenning for this feature.

Nov302020 :
- A new option for netplay: Fixed Input Delay. Normally the server will dynamically set the input delay based on latency, but this allows you to set a fixed number of frames of delay. If you set this number too low, it will cause stuttering/freezing. Thanks to @joeldenning for implementing this feature.
- Most players are better off leaving this option unchecked. This is mostly for players that want to play using very low input latency, the tradeoff being that you'll experience stuttering and freezing at times.

Nov182020 :
- Just a few bug fixes and stability improvements for GLideN64.

Nov12020 :
- This release includes support for LLE Graphics (Settings->LLE Graphics). For the uninitiated, LLE graphics is basically "super accurate graphics mode". It is quite CPU intensive and may not work full speed on every computer. It is also supported in netplay, if the player creating the room has LLE enabled, it will be required for all others joining that match. I wouldn't recommend enabling it for netplay unless you are sure that everyone you are playing with has an adequate CPU. If someone can't run the game at full speed, they are going to experience extreme input lag.

Oct292020 :
- m64p is a little late to the game with Discord support, but here it is! It supports Rich Presence, this means that your status will update with the game you're playing.
- It also supports voice integration for netplay, there is a new option in the netplay wait room.
- Unfortunately Discord currently suffers from a rather odd bug. There won't be any indication in Discord that you're connected to the netplay voice channel. You're just going to have to trust me that it works. Hopefully someday soon Discord will correct this bug, and a proper overlay will appear showing the voice channel members (and options like mute/volume, etc).

Oct272020 :
- Small bug fix for the "auto" controller option. If you've ever had the situation where your controller worked when making a profile, but then didn't work in-game, this update is for you.
- For those of you who downloaded the release yesterday, here is your chance to try the auto updater! Just open your current install, and click "yes" when it prompts you to update.

Oct262020 :
- One of the most frequently requested features: an auto updater, is here! You're not going to notice anything this time, but the next time an update is available, you'll see this when you launch the emulator.
- Clicking yes will download the auto updater, close the emulator, extract the new version, and relaunch the emulator. This is a very new feature, so the next time you use it, if you run into bugs, please let me know.

Oct252020 :
- This releases contains a fix for some Mayflash adapters. Some of these adapters didn't work properly in the controller profile configuration wizard. Mayflash adapters still won't work with the "Auto" profile, they need a custom profile created.
- Also, sometimes the controller profile wizard wouldn't work after playing a game, this has been corrected.

Oct1720 :
- Performance improvements for Smash Bros and Smash Remix
- Netplay packets are tagged for QoS on Linux (Windows guide is here:
- Under the hood code improvements to GUI.
- Paths for core/plugins and emulator config no longer get hard coded into the config. There are new macros, $APP_PATH$ and $CONFIG_PATH$ that are put into the config file. This allows for better portability.

Oct82020 :
- Just a few minor GLideN64 updates in this release.
- Also updates to dependencies like Qt.

Sept22020 :
- This release contains some small bug fixes for GLideN64 (video) as well as updates to dependencies like Qt.

June282020 :
- Various bug fixes for the GUI and GLideN64

June132020 :
- Various small bug fixes
- Updates to GLideN64 blending code

June62020 :
- Volume can now be set in the emulator (slider is located in the File menu)
- Netplay username is now persistent between sessions
- Fixed a desync with GoldenEye
- Netplay server can run on a LAN

June22020 :
- Improvements to input latency with netplay
- Netplay now syncs GLideN64 framebuffer settings to prevent desyncs

May262020 :
- Netplay desync fixes

May252020 :
- Fixed a desync in Mario Kart when using raw input
- Fixed "controller not present" in Mario Tennis when using raw input

May232020 :
- Just some small bug fixes for netplay

L'Equipe : Loganmc10
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(30/05/2021 - 39 Mo)

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