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La Nintendo 64 a connu grand nombre de projets jamais commercialisés (jeux terminés mais jamais sortis, jeux stoppés, projets repris sur d’autres plates-formes, ou n’ayant pas dépassé la phase de pré-production).
m64p v2022.08.6 (avec ParaLLEl-RDP) (Loganmc10)
m64p est un bundle comprenant un émulateur basé sur Mupen64Plus, ParaLLEl-RDP, et Mupen64Plus-GUI (interface utilisateur).
A partir de la version v06/06/21, GlideN64 et Angrylion Plus ont été remplacés par ParaLLEl-RDP.

Une version plus ancienne de l'émulateur utilisant GlideN64 est disponible sur Cette Page.

Liste des dernières améliorations :

v2022.08.6 :
- Fixes for the following games: NFL Quarterback Club 1999/2000/2001, The Powerpuff Girls - Chemical X-Traction.

v2022.08.5 :
- Performance improvements for games that make heavy use of TLB addressing (Indiana Jones for instance).
- Some small timing corrections.

v2022.08.4 :
- Some performance improvements based on code analysis.

v2022.08.3 :
- Improved synchronization between CPU and RSP tasks (fixes a lock-up in Pilot Wings and hopefully other unreported issues).

v2022.08.1 :
- Fix for shader stutter on Nvidia GPUs.
- Further tweaks to timing, removed game-specific hacks for some RSP and audio timing issues that existed in the past.
- Properly emulate PI DMA timing.
- Better estimation of RSP task timing.

v2022.07.12 :
- Fix for an error/freeze created in the last update.

v2022.07.11 :
- Further tweaks to timing (emulating RDRAM and cartridge CPU read times).
- FPS counter (bottom right when you're in window mode).
- Enforce synchronous RDP during netplay. As the name suggest, having this option disabled can cause things to desync.

v2022.07.10 :
- Further tweaks to timing.
- Extremely rough estimation of RSP timing.
- I want to be clear that "better timing" doesn't mean "perfect timing". m64p is still not cycle accurate, and never will be, it's just much better at guessing the correct cycle count now. There still may be areas where the cycles aren't counted correctly.

v2022.07.8 :
- Fix save states.
- More timing tweaks.
- Fix for HiDPI screens.
- Fix randomization.

v2022.07.7 :
- This is a significant reworking of the timing code in the emulator. "CountPerOp" has been removed. The N64 instruction and data cache have been fully emulated. Timings for DMAs have been corrected.
- Timing is now much more accurate, for example, in the DK64 intro, Donkey Kong now correctly grabs the vines and swings across the water.
- This was the result of many weeks of work. I looked at CEN64, Ares, and lots of independent research. It's definitely not perfect, but a massive step toward accurate timing in the emulator. I would appreciate bug reports if issues are discovered.
- m64p strives to be an accurate emulator. Many original N64 games lagged at times. If a game has a low framerate, but the audio sounds good, this is likely in-game lag, and it is not a bug. Choppy/popping audio is likely a bug.

v2022.07.6 :
- Support for libdragon rspq. This is a library used for homebrew games.
- Reworking of RSP timing code, should offer performance improvements in some games - Gauntlet Legends for instance.
- Small accuracy improvement for audio and RSP DMAs.
- The new RSP code requires a version bump of the netplay servers, you'll need to update to this version to continue using netplay.

v2022.07.5 :
- Fix auto updater - you'll need to manually update to this version before it starts working again.
- Fix issue when configuring controller profile where inputs were sometimes picked up twice.

v2022.07.4 :
- This release includes a new feature I'll call "Dynamic SI DMA Duration" for now. The SI (Serial Interface) is the hardware that communicates with the game controllers. The emulator now dynamically calculates an optimal value for how long data transfers should take. This greatly improves performance when using the Raphnet adapter (used to play with a real N64 controller). It also improves the performance generally in some games, for instance, Body Harvest CPU usage is roughly halved.

v2022.07.3 :
- Fix resolution setting.
- Fix bilinear filtering setting.

v2022.07.2 :
- Add back screenshot support using Vulkan.

v2022.07.1 :
- Built using Qt6 (instead of Qt5).
- Native Vulkan rendering. The shim that was in place to present the final image in OpenGL has been removed. Everything should look the same, but this is a fairly large change under the hood. Please report any bugs you find.
- Snap package has been removed. Please use Flatpak to install on Linux.

v04/06/22 :
- Fix for the Windows build of the previous release.

v03/06/22 :
- Changed compiler flags to compile using the x86-64-v3 architecture. This means that the emulator has a minimum requirement of a Haswell-era CPU. Doing this allows the compiler to use newer instruction sets only available on newer CPUs, thus improving performance.

v02/06/22 :
- Just a small fix for the last release to fix an issue with Wayland on Linux
- Updates to support Qt6
- Improved netplay logging

v29/05/22 :
- Some fixes in Parallel RDP YUV emulation.
- Mempak emulation improvements.

v05/04/22 :
- Fix a bug in VRU emluation introduced in the last release.

v03/04/22 :
- Use CentOS for Linux build, build against Qt 5.15, disable dynarec.

v31/03/22 :
- Small fix for rendering in Wayland on Linux.

v14/03/22 :
- Fix for : Semicolon in ROM filename causes multiple Open Recent menu entries.

v19/02/22 :
- Add option for VSync
- Fix for some audio choppiness issues

v18/02/22 :
- Fix lag in Bottom of the 9th
- ROM entries for new Smash Remix versions, as well as SM64 splitscreen multiplayer
- Show .rom files in file picker
- Option to set vertical stretch in video settings. Meant to correct PAL roms with bad aspect - ratios, thanks to @thekovic

v07/02/22 :
- Remove minizip dependency on Linux

v03/02/22 :
- Update URLs for main github repository
- Make mupen64plus-gui.ini portable
- Validate controller profile names

v29/12/21 :
- Fix for Radeon gfx when using the Linux Snap package
- Updated Parallel RDP
- Validate netplay room and player names

v03/12/21 :
- Better handling of situations where the GFX card doesn't support vulkan
- Added support for Donkey Kong 64 - Tag Anywhere mupen64plus/mupen64plus-core#911

v22/11/21 :
- Fix for broken audio from yesterdays release.

v21/11/21b :
- Just some minor fixes for the Snap package.

v21/11/21 :
- I know that most users are on Windows. But for those using Ubuntu or similar Linux distros, m64p is now on the Snap Store.
- The only thing (that I know of) that does not yet work on the Snap release is the raphnet raw input plugin.

v04/11/21 :
- Fixed a bug that caused Rumble to stop working on some controllers.

v28/10/21 :
- Fixed a bug that totally broke netplay. It is no longer totally broken.

v27/10/21 :
- mupen64plus-core has changed (added a CPU overclocking option), necessitating an update to the netplay backend. The netplay servers have been updated. This means that you need to update to at least this version to continue using netplay.

v11/10/21 :
- Updates to ParaLLEl RDP, mostly to improve graphics card compatibility (fixes for newer Intel GPUs).

v26/09/21 :
- Update custom ROM settings (performance improvements) for Smash Remix 1.0.0 and 1.0.1.

v10/09/21 :
- m64p now has a dedicated Discord server
- Updates dependencies (Vosk for voice, Qt, etc)
- Update Discord link

v09/08/21 :
- Updates to Parallel RDP from the upstream repo

v27/07/21 :
- Fix for #204 (Dinosaur Planet crashes when loading a new game)

v19/07/21 :
- Just some minor fixes for the dynamic recompiler

v13/07/21 :
- Just some minor fixes for the dynamic recompiler

v05/07/21 :
- Linux builds now built using Ubuntu 20.04
- Fix for corrupt screenshots and/or crashing when using non-native window resolutions

v23/06/21 :
- IS Viewer support. You can view the output from IS Viewer by going to Emulation->View Log. This log view is now updated live, so you can leave that window open while you play.
- Some bug fixes for the dynarec, including Indiana Jones crashes and Densha de Go (English) not booting.
- Improvements to VRU speech recognition.
- Fix for flickering in San Francisco Rush.

v21/06/21 :
- This release now includes mupen64plus's "new dynarec". It's enabled by default for new installs. For existing installs, you can enable it by going Settings->Core and Video Settings and setting "R4300Emulator" to "2". This should reduce the load on the CPU for most games.
- A first for any N64 emulator: VRU (Voice Recognition Unit) support! Only 2 games made use of it: Hey You, Pikachu! and Densha de Go!
Both of these games expect the VRU to be connected to controller port 4:
Once you click "Emulate VRU", it will begin to download an English language voice model, which is required for speech-to-text recognition. It only does this the first time.
It will download the model into the same directory as the EXE, so that directory needs to be writeable.
You need a microphone to use the VRU.
Only English is supported.

v13/06/21 :
- A couple of minor emulation accuracy improvements for PI and RSP DMAs. I'm not aware of any impact on games.
- Widescreen support (you'll find it in the ParaLLEl Video options). This is the equivalent of setting your TV to "force 16:9". This would normally be used on a game like GoldenEye, which has a widescreen option in the pause menu. Using this on a regular 4:3 game is just going to stretch the image.

v11/06/21 :
- This release adds support for games created with the libdragon toolchain.

v10/06/21 :
- Hopefully some more audio improvements (popping & crackling).
- Fix saving in Pokemon Puzzle League.
- Full support for Unicode characters in filepaths on Windows.

v09/06/21 :
- Fix for crash at 8x upscaling.

v08/06/21 :
- Performance improvements when using upscaling in ParaLLEl-RDP.
- Some tweaks to the audio code to try and reduce crackling in some cases.

v06/06/21 :
- GLideN64 (and Angrylion Plus) has been replaced by ParaLLEl-RDP
- The emulator now requires Vulkan 1.1 to run. This means if you have an Intel GPU, you generally need a Skylake or newer processor. If you have an Nvidia GPU, you generally need it to be Kepler series or newer. If you have AMD, I have no idea. You may want to update your graphics drivers if it's not working.
- By default, ParaLLEl-RDP displays the game in native resolution, you can change this by going to Settings->Core and Video Settings->ParaLLEl Video->Upscaling, and changing the value of "1" to "2", "4", or "8".

L'Equipe : Loganmc10
Site officiel :


(12/08/2022 - 44 Mo)

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