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Les plugins N-Rage et Darkman DInput permettent de jouer aux émulateurs Nintendo 64 à la Souris et au Clavier.
Ares v128
Ares est un émulateur multi-systèmes dont le développement a commencé le 14 octobre 2004.
C'est un descendant des émulateurs Higan et Bsnes, et se concentre sur la précision et la préservation.
Ares émule actuellement une vingtaine de systèmes dont la Nintendo 64.

Liste des dernières améliorations :

v128 :
- desktop-ui:
add hotkey to toggle fast forward [LukeUsher]
add support for using Supergrafx and CD together [LukeUsher]
default filter/shader to "None" rather than "Blur" [LukeUsher]
ensure ares is 'portable' on Windows [LukeUsher]
fix an issue where System directories were created incorrectly [LukeUsher]
remap all inputs based on physical controller layouts [LukeUsher]
implement keyboard capture for msx [LukeUsher]
- gb:
tweak display timing; fixes dmg-acid2 and cgb-acid2 [LukeUsher]
- gba :
slightly reduce red tint, to bring the display closer to my GBA SP [LukeUsher]
- md :
add missing initialization during power-on [invertego]
readjust cpu sync after recent changes (Kolibri fix) [TascoDLX]
reimplement refresh timings [TascoDLX]
vdp dma transfer is delayed after bus is acquired [TascoDLX]
vdp timing tweaks for accuracy [TascoDLX]
vdp vscroll bug implemented [TascoDLX]
- msx :
connect/fix up keyboard emulation [LukeUsher]
fix a number of memory layout issues [LukeUsher]
fix linear cartridge rom mapping [LukeUsher]
improve rom type detection and add more board types [LukeUsher]
require a proper bios rom for msx1 [LukeUsher]
- n64 :
activate address errors by default [rasky]
add address error for invalid 64bit address in 32bit mode [rasky]
add missing file for mame RDP SSE2 implementation [rasky]
add separate CIC 7102 detection [bigbass1997]
add support for homebrew-specific special header flag [rasky]
fix (again) TLB logic in case of invalid TLBs [rasky]
fix 64-bit pc calculation in J opcode [rasky]
fix a few memory access opcodes that were using a 32-bit address [rasky]
fix behavior of conflicting bits in writes to SP_STATUS [rasky]
fix BGEZAL/BGEZALL opcodes when testing RA [rasky]
fix cache to use physical addresses [rasky]
fix controller input after PIF refactoring [rasky]
fix COP0 config initial status [rasky]
fix cop0 LL write mask [rasky]
fix CPU core to correctly handle 64-bit PC [rasky]
fix Dual accesses on MMIO regs [rasky]
fix exception kind in case of TLB invalid page and with nonmatching asid [rasky]
fix handling of invalid pagemasks [rasky]
fix JALR when jumping to RA [rasky]
fix LL / SC / LLD / SCD opcodes [rasky]
fix masking of COP0 context / xcontext [rasky]
fix RSP BGEZAL/BLTZAL when RA is being tested [rasky]
fix RSP DMA wraparound [rasky]
fix RSP DMEM/IMEM accesses with all access sizes [rasky]
fix RSP LTV opcode in its corner cases [rasky]
Fix RSP MTC2 and LFV opcodes [rasky]
fix RSP PC to stay within 12 bits in all cases [rasky]
fix SIGILL at startup when SSE4.2 is not supported [rasky]
fix TLB logic for non-global entries [rasky]
fix TLB random register when wired > 31 [rasky]
implement buggy byte/half reads from cartridge space [rasky]
implement exceptions in non-taken delay slots [rasky]
implement LWU opcode in RSP [rasky]
implement proper PI bus writes with IO busy bit [rasky]
implement undocumented broken RSP opcodes [rasky]
improve address exceptions with correct COP0 status [rasky]
improve emulation of vector load opcodes in side cases [rasky]
improve TLB register masking [rasky]
increase a little the PI DMA timing. [rasky]
internal mask of physicalAddress register in TLB entries [rasky]
make sure TLB entries are correctly initialized at power [rasky]
map domain 1 address 3 zone into main memory map [rasky]
refactor PIF chip into its own class [rasky]
implement correct behaviours of jumps within delay slots [rasky]
small accuracy tweak to the RSP semaphore register [rasky]
Change inner dead-zone size and geometry [kev4cards]
- pce :
initialise bram for cd-rom system [LukeUsher]
- sfc :
Add database entry for the "Super FX voxel demo" to specify a RAM size of 64k instead of 32k [jbo-85]
Support ROM/RAM addressing for Super FX ROMs that are not a power of 2 [jbo-85]
fix a hang when loading Satallaview content [LukeUsher]
pad bsx flash to minimum size of a memory cart [LukeUsher]
- m68000 :
adjust interrupt/exception timing [TascoDLX]
fixed group 2 exception prefetch (CHK, DIV by zero) [TascoDLX]
omit illegal addressing modes for CMPA & TST [TascoDLX]
- tms9918 :
implement text mode [LukeUsher]
- hiro :
fix menubar visibility with gtk3 [AmatCoder]
- nall :
determine desktop path based on environment [LukeUsher]
handle CHD paths with non-ASCII chars on Windows [invertego]
optimize priority_queue remove function [rasky]
prevent chd memory leaks + don't allow unsupported track types [LukeUsher]
remove hardcoding of lto=true [LukeUsher]
- mia :
support for loading CHD compressed CD-ROM images [LukeUsher]
update out of date resources [invertego]
update sfc board database & heuristics [LukeUsher]
- ruby :
pulseaudio shouldn't block for events [AmatCoder]
- other :
Add top-level Makefile [rasky]
fix building from Windows command prompt [invertego]
fix clean targets on Windows [invertego]
fix zlib include path [invertego]
codesign binary after build on macOS [rasky]

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